What makes us green?

We possess one of the most valuable green certifications, the LEED Gold certificate for construction and design, confirming that Ada Mall was built using the highest amount of locally-sourced materials, optimized resources, and with minimal CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, we manage the shopping center in a way that delivers measurable results in preserving and contributing to the environment and the local community. We are proud to share these achievements with you.

Annual results

Achievements in Ada Mall’s operations following green construction
compared to traditional methods with the same specifications:

Environmental impact


less electricity consumption, saving enough energy to meet the annual needs of 275 households.


less water consumption, saving enough water to fill 8250 bathtubs.

112 tons

less waste, partially recycled, saving the annual municipal waste produced by 224 individuals.

2 732 kt

less carbon emissions, equivalent to reducing pollution caused by the annual emissions of 594 cars.

1 220 m³

less drinking water usage, equivalent to saving enough bottled water to meet the annual needs of 10,339 individuals.

2 208 MWH

less lighting consumption, thanks to the installation of smart LED lights, enough to supply the full annual electricity consumption of 375 households.


Changes we have made:


reserved parking spaces for disabled individuals and mothers.


more natural light due to our glazed horizons and facades covering 3400m2.


use of smart construction materials sourced locally, recycled, or renewable.

3 400 m2

of green and open space for visitors.

6000 +

trees, shrubs, and potted plants.


bicycle parking spaces and 12 electric car charging stations, reducing pollution, traffic, and congestion on city roads.

One of main partners uses electric and hybrid vehicles for mall deliveries.

Wooden beehives on the mall roof, supporting bees that feed on the natural green belt around the center.

Collection points for recycling old clothes, available in some of our stores and periodically in the mall, where old clothes can be left and exchanged for vouchers, discounts, or loyalty points.

And so…

Something we love and are proud of is our local community. Here’s how we have helped:

300 +

Over 300 schoolchildren from more than 25 local schools participate in educational workshops and mall competitions each year.

1 000 +

Over 1000 people earn a living working for the mall, its stores, vendors, or subcontractors every month.

500 +

We donated over 500 kg of toys, books, and food to those in need during past Christmas campaigns.

5 000 EUR

We donated 5000 euros for the needs of local schools.

1.2 mil EUR

We have invested 1.2 million euros in infrastructure in and around the mall.

900 +

Over 900 people have visited our free library in the mall, where more than 2000 book titles are available for reading.

We partnered with three major non-governmental organizations – Red Cross, Children’s Village, and Safe House for Women – for numerous humanitarian projects.

We supported over 30 local farmers and 130+ local fashion designers through bazaars, subsidized leases, and marketing events.


We aim to be part of the international community of companies and institutions striving to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the period 2015-2030 and fulfill the Paris Agreements of 2015, adopted as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Our business profile enables us to dedicate ourselves to actions in line with the 10 UN goals:




Our projects have modern building management systems (BMS) that allow us to control air parameters and their percentage in our shopping center (pollution, humidity), optimizing energy and water consumption, while preserving green areas and non-renewable resources.

Society and Design

Safe and friendly working environment.
Commitment to tenants and support during the pandemic.
Activities for the local community.
Responsible supply chain.

Marketing and Community

As the heart of Beograd’s green oasis, Ada Mall constantly strives to contribute to the local community. GTC Serbia frequently engages in social initiatives through Ada Mall, providing space for charitable organizations or making donations.



To empower people to freely express their individuality, to help them develop their own creativity and passion for all the “spices” of life – fashion, sports, cinema, visual arts, literature, food, panel discussions, work, meditation, educational activities, and more – by providing a safe, innovative, and green environment for shopping and leisure. We strive to be more than a shopping center, more than a meeting place, and more than a lifestyle and destination.

We want to be your home, your friends, and your family even when you are away from them! From our unique mix of tenants to our tailor-made design, ecological programs, and innovative marketing activities, everything we do is to make you feel at home. We believe that being honest with you, bold, chic, eco-friendly, and… different, just like you!


ADA MALL Achieves GOLD LEED Certification Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainable Construction

The LEED certification is the highest rating system for ecological construction, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, and is the recognized global symbol of energy-sustainable solutions in the industry, with the aim of environmental preservation.

The management of GTC S.A. believes that “green” buildings are the foundation of something far more significant: the safe, healthy, and sustainable development of the quality of life for people, communities, and cities. The essence of the company’s efforts and collaborations in “green” construction projects has long transcended the technical aspect of this industry and its efficiency, this includes the type of materials that comprise the buildings they have constructed. GTC consistently goes beyond mere architecture, focusing on the real needs of contemporary society and ecological trends.

ADA MALL, known as the “green” shopping center in Belgrade, proudly announces that it has received the GOLD LEED certificate, once again highlighting the strong business profile of the GTC company and providing even greater motivation for this Group to continue real estate development in Central and Eastern Europe, now at an even higher level.

ADA MALL’s architectural design incorporates construction and high-tech solutions that enhance shopping comfort and provide an unforgettable consumer experience, while having no negative impact on the environment, achieved through:

  • Maximizing the use of daylight,
  • Ensuring the highest possible amount of fresh air,
  • Using modern, individually controlled heating and air conditioning systems,
  • Implementing efficient energy solutions for thermal insulation,
  • Adhering to the highest construction standards in environmental protection,
  • Special care and protection of green areas.

As stated by the company, consumers themselves are seeking ways to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions: hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, energy-efficient lighting has become a standard, and the performance and efficiency of ‘smart’ batteries are reaching their peaks. These trends are also reflected in the operations of lessees, shareholders, and financial institutions. Therefore, one of GTC’s strategic goals is to constantly strive to increase the level of business sustainability while simultaneously reducing the impact of all secondary, harmful effects on the environment. The “green” initiative, globally, involves addressing questions about new, higher construction standards, quality, and ecology long before investments are made in new facilities. Ecology is now a hot topic – the climate is changing, the global economy is exploring ways to use natural resources more efficiently, and renewable energy sources are more important than ever.

“We believe that every human being on the planet should have safe and healthy places for living, working, learning, and playing. A long and healthy life is no longer a privilege – it is the right of all of us. The places where we spend 90% of our time should support our health and well-being. Improving the living conditions we, as humans, deserve, and thus greater productivity in work, play a more crucial role than ever in encouraging companies to invest in green construction,” says Alex Linchev, General Manager of Ada Mall, which operates within the GTC S.A. portfolio.



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