Meet and great with writer Miodrag Majić at Ada Mall

After the novel Children of Evil, which was read by almost thirty thousand people in a year and a half, Miodrag Majić started writing again and shared with us a story that will lead us once again to look at reality with wide-open eyes and wonder if it is it is possible to preserve oneself in a society in which the destiny of an individual is as insignificant as a grain of sand carried by the wind, transferring it from one season to another. It is about the novel PELICAN ISLAND. The famous writer will sign copies of the novel to his readers on Tuesday, April 12, starting at 6.30 pm in Vulkan’s open library on the ground floor of Ada Mall (across from the H&M store).

Druženje sa piscem Miodragom Majićem u Ada Mall-u Photo: Promo

As a reminder, PELICAN ISLAND, the story of Aisha and Gabriel can become the story of each of us, but that story already concerns all of us and that is why you will read this book in your breath, and the silhouettes of its heroes will be anchored deep inside you. surprise when you recognize them in the mass of nameless and unknown people on the streets of this city, but also any other city in the world.

Druzenje sa Miodragom Majićem u Ada Mallu Photo: Promo

Are you really ready to find out what it is like to be a man who is no longer afraid of anything and who doesn’t care whether he will become a tree, a stone, or a bird after this life? You can get some of the answers on Tuesday 12.04. from 6.30 pm in Ada Mall (Radnička 9)

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