New titles in Vulkan reading corner

The open library and learning corner in ADA MALL is a unique project in this area because it gives visitors to the shopping center the opportunity to enjoy over 1,000 titles from the VULKAN publishing offer. Use is free, and it is enough to take your card at the info desk. Every 3 months the offer is enriched with new titles. We present the novelties that arrived in April.

  1. Sakhalin
  2. Cheerful exercise: Animals
  3. Heiress
  4. Sisters of Tuscany
  5. Manifesto of the heroes of everyday life
  6. Seven dynasties
  7. Final cut
  8. He only loves himself three times
  9. The girl in the mirror
  10. Animal farm
  11. Tarot for beginners
  12. Why sex doesn’t matter
  13. A quiet fire is burning
  14. A wise parent – a happy teenager
  15. Dance tulip
  16. Next year at this time
  17. The song of the call rod
  18. A novel about roasts
  19. The Gospel of Jerome
  20. The age of the butterfly
  21. Online danger
  22. Geiger
  23. The last duel
  24. Red Earth: The Viking Saga
  25. Instinct
  26. Migration TP
  27. Until the end of the world
  28. Anger
  29. Where the forest loves the stars
  30. Vision in white
  31. The best me
  32. Cult
  33. On the edge of mind
  34. Gratitude: A way of life
  35. Salemovo V
  36. A twinkle game
  37. The sacrifices we make
  38. Train to Paris
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