Boots enjoyed by women, children and men. A model that has not gone out of fashion for as many as five decades. A piece whose popularity never stops growing. Boots for all seasons. Moon Boots.

Inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing, these futuristic boots were everywhere in the 70’s and 80’s and sold over 25 million copies.

Although they are synonymous with snowy days for many, this bulky and extremely comfortable shoe model has been seen everywhere in recent seasons. They walked from the ski resort straight to the city streets and, of course, Instagram feeds, and we constantly see them in the most creative combinations of popular influencers.

We associate them with the mountains, deep snow and the days of the worst winter, but you can also wear the Moon Boot with casual outfits, with pants, mini skirts and even a bikini. 

Different colors and designs, prints and layers, shorter or longer… It’s up to you to choose.

Hurry up and prepare for your winterization on time. You can find a large selection of Moon Boot models in several stores of Ada Mall, such as Fashion&Friends, Office Shoes, N Sport, Sport Vision, and Tref Sport.

Average retail price in stores: RSD 13,000

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