What to wear and bring for a vacation in the snow?

Staying in the snow, or more precisely, on the ski slopes, does not exclude thinking about style. It’s important to be warm and comfortable, but there’s no reason not to look good along the way. If you are one of those who have already paid for skiing, you also need equipment that will influence everyone to turn to you. Every year, the selection of winter equipment and clothing is increasing and follows fashion trends, which provide a wide selection for every lover of modern ski cloths.

We combine colors, styles, cuts and materials. From skis, snowboards, helmets, poles and body armor, to glasses, hats, scarves and gloves. And we are also thinking about the pattern of laces and even buckles.

This season’s latest trends bring back the one-piece ski suit for girls, in new modern, tight designs, but also shortens the time to think about combining the top and bottom. Combine a plain or printed suit with a long, thick scarf and you’ll be the main star on the ski slopes. Our recommendations are Sunvalley and Roberta Tonini models.

Most skiers like bright colors, which deviate from the whiteness that forms their background during active vacations, and the range of equipment pays great attention to this. Brands that are heaven for the eyes of skiers who like this type of equipment can be found in Sport Vision or Beosport, where Ellesse, Icepeak, Volcom, O’Neill, or Billabong are certainly recommended. Some, on the other hand, like simplicity, so they stick to simpler colors and patterns, so we thought of them too, and singled out more sophisticated brands such as Colmar or Roxy.

Don’t forget your glasses! A detail that is much needed in the snow, both for practical reasons and as an accessory to demonstrate style, but also if you are inclined to flirt on the track and a way to be a little mysterious, why not..  Our recommendation is brands like Giro , Burton, or NGN.

Do we even need to mention that ski equipment is not complete without a hat, scarf and gloves? Combine them in accordance with the suit. If the suit is plain – choose a hat and scarf with patterns, and if the suit is colorful – the accessories should be a little more discreet. And in the end, all you have to do is enjoy and leave everyone around you breathless…

You can find all the mentioned pieces or brands in Ada Mall stores like Beosport, Sport Vision, Planete Sport, N Sport, Tref sport.

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