Jungle baby – spring collection with a touch of Savannah

You are used to Jungle Baby being the perfect place to buy everything your little ones need! From equipment, toys, furniture, electrical appliances to top-quality wardrobe!

We present you the spring collection for kids, a new, domestic, cool brand Just kiddin – Savannah Trip.

The savannah-inspired collection is suitable for all occasions, filled with playful details that are worn and loved every day!

In the savannah, you can do it all! Whether you prefer a quiet, relaxing holiday or lots of fun, it’s all here for you!

In addition to the charming design, Just Kiddin’s wardrobe for babies is always soft and comfortable. Comfort and mobility are extremely important.

Just kiddin models, in addition to affordable prices, must withstand countless washes and have a quality that will be inherited among siblings and other children.

Visit Jungle Baby and choose Just kiddin models from the Savannah Trip collection that will make all children’s adventures even more fun!

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