Fashion house Balašević – defiance of fashion conventions

Not only with the collection for spring-summer 2022, Fashion House Balašević showed the mastery of its fashion design, it creates clothes and fashion details that defy the conventional and celebrate the beauty of quality design.

NEW models of suits, dresses and overalls are in cheerful spring colors. Play with seductive shades of lavender because we have been longing for warmer weather for a long time.

Be an example of French sophistication and enter the new season in a clothing combination that is completely dedicated to one color. An extraordinary cut, warm pink colors are again on the high ladder in the world of fashion. You can combine a blazer with trousers or a skirt made of the same material.

These pieces exude casualness and nonchalant elegance. Feel like a lady wherever you appear.

Your Fashion House Balašević – I floor Ada Mall shopping center (Radnička 9)

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