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Who is Kengur?
One day, he accidentally jumped into the bag and fell asleep in it. He quickly settled in Leskovac, and as soon as he learned that Leskovac is in the south, as well as Australia, our company Statovac became his second home.

First he jumped on his nerves, and later on school and office supplies. He fully developed his Kengur talent, which is why some well-known brands wanted to cooperate with us. Now he has put all our products in one bag, and he has taken care of Kengur stores on his tail to enable all good bagmakers to find everything they need in 3 jumps. If you don’t believe us, jump to Kengur!

+381 11 2120403

Every day 10:00 - 22:00

KENGUR is located on the first floor

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