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Legend World Wide is a domestic fashion brand with a tradition of over two decades. The focus of the Legend World Wide brand is on creating a calm design with a touch of modernity as opposed to unconditionally following fashion trends. The Legend World Wide approach to design is closely linked to consumer needs where quality and comfort always come first. With its long tradition and values ​​nurtured by Legend World Wide, it has created a unique position in the minds of consumers. Every season, a competent team of designers and production invests all their creativity, dedication and love for both fashion and brand to meet all the needs and desires of consumers. As a result, every season a wide range of models, designs, colors and materials awaits you, where everyone can find the ideal outfit for everyday, casual or business occasions. Jeans has been the DNA of the brand by which he is truly recognizable.


The complete production of Jeans pieces is located in the company’s headquarters in Subotica, from where, after a complex series of manual production, each Jeans tailored to the menu of each of you comes out. In addition to Jeans items, there is also a wide range of basic pieces that have a special place from season to season, both on the shelves and in the closets of consumers. T-shirts, sweaters and shirts are the standard offer in the basic part of the collection, which with their simplicity and perfect choice of materials deservedly represent one of the favorite parts of the Legend World Wide range. From the very beginning, Legend World Wide has been devoting all its attention to consumers, and a satisfied and happy consumer is the main goal of every employee who participates in the creation and development of the brand.

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Legend World Wide is located on the first floor

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