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We are constantly creating and introducing innovations into the world of mobile phones, smart home devices and the Internet, at prices that are always affordable.


In the exclusive space on the second floor of Ada Mall, all those interested can see the entire sales portfolio of Xiaomi, which is no different from what customers can find in stores in Paris, Vienna, London and other cities.


We will offer customers and visitors everything from well-known mobile phones through home security systems, headphones and smart watches, to robots, smart vacuum cleaners and kettles. There are also electric scales, air purifiers and electric scooters, as well as computers, bluetooth speakers and cameras.


Customers will always be able to find tempting discounts and promotions in our store, but the good price certainly does not come at the expense of quality – Xiaomi is known for its high standards of production and the characteristics of the final product.

011 4514180

Every day 10: 00-22: 00h

MI Store is located on the second floor

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