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The story of our brand began in 1950 with two separate companies founded by brothers Mois and Yasef Kariyo. In this period when industrialization was limited in our country, the joining of two entrepreneurial brothers under one roof was an important turning point for all of us. Our brand, which took the name of Teacher Socks in 1970, continued to develop with our first production facility established in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul a year later. Changing our brand name to Teacher Socks was based on the fact that teachers generally preferred thin women’s socks in Turkey at that time.

When we came to the 1980s, the second generation representative of the family, Sami Kariyo, took over the captain’s cabin of our brand. Our brand, which also focuses on the needs of urban women, further reinforced its production approach that attaches importance to color, pattern, variety and quality. Thus, on the one hand, we strengthened our position in the market, on the other hand, we reached the final stage of the branding process in 1984 and we took the name Penti.

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