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PERTINI has been the toy market leader since 1990.


In addition to the PERTINI BRAND, whose toy line is synonymous with quality, PERTINI is a general distributor of over 30 world-renowned manufacturers of high-quality children’s toys and equipment.


Within the PERTINI range you can find: Disney, Disney Frozen, Star Wars, Lego, My little pony, Blade Blaze, Mighty Rangers, Patrol Paws, Marvel heroes, Ninja Turtles, Barbie, Princess Sofia and other heroes that children love. For some, very important brands, PERTINI is the exclusive distributor for Serbia and the region – PLAYMOBIL, PLAYGRO, BRUDER, VTECH, SES CREATIVE, RASTAR, VIGA TOYS.


PERTINI is an importer of one of the world’s most famous brands – LEGO. A very important place in the PERTINA range is occupied by EDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENT TOYS, which follow the development of modern technology, because children learn and develop best through fun and play. PERTINI has a large selection of baby equipment and toys for babies, and with the highest quality toys it satisfies all ages of both sexes.


Pertini also offers a large selection of professional sports equipment that provides children with activities that will contribute to their health.



Every day 10: 00-22: 00h

Pertini toys is on the 2nd floor

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