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Suši Boks is a chain of sushi restaurants in Russia that has gained confidence in quality and availability in 7 years. We serve over 3,000 people in Russia every day, despite the fact that a pandemic of the Covid-19 virus is underway. Now we want to share our experience and give you the opportunity to learn more about us, and we will refund those who don’t like us! 🙂 Our menu includes Pan-Asian food, which includes: Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, including sushi, rolls, wok, soups, salads and fried rice. All this is an exclusive menu developed by our brand, thanks to the head of the company during these 7 years. We have also prepared special boxing offers for you, so you can try several types of rolls right away. Stop by to meet me! 🙂

+381 11 455-1001

Every day 10: 00-22: 00h

Suši boks is on the 3rd floor

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