It wouldn’t be New Year’s magic if we didn’t prepare a handful of gifts waiting for you in the form of special Ada Mall teddy bears. It’s up to you to secure your loyalty card and with every bill over 6,000 dinars, you’ll take a New Year’s plush companion home with you.

From Saturday, 10.12.2022. and until stocks last with each individual account over RSD 6,000+ with Loyalty card.


* The action lasts until stocks last, i.e. until 31.12.2022.

**Accounts participating in the loyalty program participate in the promotion and the gift can only be obtained with a loyalty card

***”Medvedić” is obtained exclusively when scanning an individual account at the TC Ada Mall Info Desk in the value of RSD 6,000.00+, whereby the amount equivalent to the indicated points (RSD 6,000.00 = 50 points) is automatically deducted from your profile , while the remaining points, if the invoice amount is greater than 6,000.00 dinars, are transferred to your Loyalty account

****Only individual/individual accounts with a value of RSD 6,000.00+ participate in the campaign

*****Accounts from supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, services and mobile operators do not participate in the campaign

******One consumer can take a maximum of two Teddy Bears during the promotion period (With one account worth RSD 6,000.00+ you get one teddy bear, and one person can get a maximum of two Teddy Bears with two individual accounts worth RSD 6,000, 00+ RSD)

*******The prize can NOT be reserved via the application

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