Anastasija Đurić – the sweet torments of a young mother

Anastasija Đurić, a well-known influencer, shares moments from her first life with her companions almost every day. The mother of two lively boys, she handles her duties very well. It is perfect proof that when you fulfill yourself in the role of a mother, it does not mean that you should forget yourself. You always have to set aside time. At least once a month, Anastasia takes the time to visit Ada Mall for a short shopping trip. In the last visit, her focus was on the little ones and the choice of wardrobe and accompanying details for the youngest members of the Đurić household. The first stop was the introduction to the new collection of the BEBA KIDS store.

And there is no end to the story:

The other stop was the MONSOON CHILDREN store. She could not resist the beautiful collection. Check first hand.

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