Futuristic streetwear brand Togoshi is coming!

The future is just happening! Thanks to CCC, the Togoshi brand is back. The spring/summer 2022 collection is finally available. This is the next generation uniform! The people of the future wear Togoshi. Fascinated by modern technology, Korean comics, and bands such as Black Pink and BTS, they wear clothes as global influencers.
Color is the key – from neon yellow combined with black, to pastel lavender. From the motifs characteristic of the Y2K look, the new collection includes super modern graphic drawings from the culture of the Far East. The neon-bright street in Seoul, the clothes of the frontman of Korean boy bands, and rave culture are the main inspirations for the first collection.

The Togoshi brand would not be what it is without sneakers – aerodynamic, massive and stable. The footwear line is complemented by normcore sandals. The photo taken by Zuza Krajewska features Chinese Maggie Yu, known for her collaboration with the Burberry brand and Japanese model Jumpei Okazaki, who arrived on the set directly from Paris Fashion Week.

Togoshi footwear collection is available in certain CCC stores. Togoshi clothes coming soon!

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