Harmony between opposites – Reserved summer 2022 campaign

On the one hand, smooth surfaces cut in a classic, timeless way. On the other – modern cut-outs, ruffles and unreal, digitally created prints. All in saturated shades of summer sorbets. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, orange, and exotic green added to the fruit, like from holiday photos in the bosom of nature. The Reserved summer collection combines contrasts to achieve a balance that is easy to pick up.

Holiday lightness can be found in the economical cuts of suits or dresses, geometric cut-outs at the waist, light straps and ties as well as decorative feathers with which the edges of the cuffs or the wallet mini skirt have been finished. The brand breaks the stereotype of predictable formal clothing by serving it in a range of intense shades, such as neon coral or electrifying purple. A single-breasted jacket, creased trousers, a double-breasted shirt dress or a set with a shortened jacket constitute an energetic summer base, ready to be supplemented with models in Hawaiian hibiscus or irregular patterns made of rainbow knitted fabric, as well as with an original print resulting from experiments with photos of flowers and inverting colours in the program graphical. And here comes the asymmetry full of ruffles, cuts and geometric solutions, for example at necklines.

Although it is a summer collection, it is perfect to wear in few layers. A floral, tight jumpsuit, looks perfect solo, as well as with a loose shirt and it is a good way for experiments. The same is a dress with a V-neck, worn over a lilac blouse with ruffled puffs, or a short orange top with a long tube skirt, completed with a pink box jacket. Strong colours complement each other, matching the trend of dopamine dressing, and the design similarities bind the collection that will be perfect both at work and as a filling of a holiday suitcase. It all depends on the context and interpretation. It can be elegant and it can be casual.

It is worth paying attention to the details: chain decorations in the style of the 90s, decorative feathers, braids, as in the case of handbags, jewellery with surprising shapes or even the way of tying the straps, especially on the back – here an example of a turquoise tight dress.

The collection is accompanied by a photo session by the duo Frankiewicz & Różniata, and its face is the Polish model Małgosia Bela. In the raw, rocky seaside landscapes and Ewelina Gralak’s stylizations, these clothes become even more expressive, surprising and full of elegant, uncompromising femininity.


Selected models of the summer collection can be found in the RESERVED store on the ground floor of the Ada Mall shopping center.


Photo: Frankiewicz & Różniata

Video: Bart Weather

Talent: Małgosia Bela

Stylist: Ewelina Gralak

Hair: Michał Bielecki

Makeup: Wilson

Production: Warsaw Creatives

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