Under Armour – total match

Dwayne Johnson, actor and wrestler, has an “extremely high match” with the personality and values of the UNDER ARMOR brand, which we liked when we thought about the April topics.

April starts in the sign of Aries but continues in the sign of the angry bull, which we found as the inspiration for the collection signed by this celebrity. All their messages are strong to us: “I will not be disturbed”; “I want what I want”; ‘I will be challenged’; “I will not be stopped”, all in direct correlation with the characteristics of Johnson’s personality. He is confident and disciplined. It also perfectly embodies the values of the Under Armor brand, which says: “Fight together” and “Celebrate victories”.

So Aries, support your strong side with a phenomenal collection that puts you in the foreground!

..And you girls mysteriously appear in front of your bull holding a gift in the form of a T-shirt, shorts, or backpack that will leave your stronger half speechless.

The specialized, original UNDER ARMOR store in Ada Mall always surprises. We are happy to shop there for new fitness and sports challenges. The strong point of this brand, apart from performance, is fashion, so only those with a special taste for details can completely get lost in ideas and shopping.


We must admit that we are always happy to wait for the special offers that this store selflessly offers. Check the “menu” regularly.

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