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It all starts with a dream. Each of us dreams. Dreams are different and we usually don’t remember them. That’s how we dreamed a dream. It was a coffee dream. More precisely, about a beautiful place where you can drink high-quality coffee. In order not to forget that dream, we turned it into reality… and that is how the first “Coffeedream” was created in 2006.

We dreamed of ideas related to raising standards, introducing innovations, about place where the ritual of drinking coffee goes beyond habit and becomes enjoyment. Based on these dreams, other “Coffeedream“ bars were created. In each of them, we managed to save at least one dream. And nowday, when we have a two-digit number of bars, we still do not give up on our dreams, because together with you we turn them into reality.

Every day 10: 00-22: 00h

Coffeedream is on the 3rd floor

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