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From the most beautiful Belgrade terrace on the front side of the Ada Mall shopping center, there is a view on the right side of the Bridge on Ada that connects New Belgrade and Cukarica, front on the docks of the Sava port and on the left side of the Sava Lake on Ada Ciganlija. This is the place where the Kayak cafe is located, an ideal place for refreshment on the terrace on hot summer days or the cozy atmosphere inside the building.


The inspiration for the name KAYAK comes from Belgrade, which is located on the river and lake, although Ada belongs to everyone and is divided into the New Belgrade, Čukarica and Maki side, a special attachment to

the inhabitants of Banovo Brdo, Čukarička Padina, Žarkovo and Senjak have the lake. Ada is a peninsula on the Sava River and represents a kind of recreational and sports center within which all sports with open fields are represented, and a special charm of Ada are kayakers who hold trainings on the lake, and the highlight of each season are kayak competitions that host competitors from the whole world.


Part of the history of Belgrade is the Kayak Federation of Serbia, founded in 1953, which has over 40 clubs and 2,000 active competitors who have won over 150 medals at world competitions, of which three are silver and three gold Olympic medals. The aesthetics of KAYAK Caffe are inspired by the name, ie elements that come from the original Kayak boat, solid wood with a fine finish that gives the impression of comfort, and with pastel tones of bold colors, carefully selected pieces of furniture and special attention in choosing details that meet the ambience, the impression and the pleasure become real. For those who associate coffee with pleasure, the first morning or coffee we consume during a break after work is sometimes the main driver or moment in which we prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. Coffee gives us energy, moves and motivates us, aroma often reminds us of some things from the past, and the combination of taste and smell brings us to the phase of relaxation after which we are ready for everything, and that is really more than a metaphor.


Back in 1657, King Charles II Stewart introduced a ban on cafes where coffee was served, because he believed that people gathered there to conspire against him and overthrow him. However, Charles II Stewart did not drink coffee, because if he did, then he would know that drinking coffee in company does not require any special reasons, and if there is a reason, socializing or business meeting, we will do our best to make coffee a real pleasure. KAYAK atmosphere. Drinks made from freshly squeezed juice at any time of the day can be a real refreshment after a long shopping trip. Kayak is ideal for a break with your favorite drink or the most delicious cakes from the HomeMadeCakes pastry shop. If we talk about sports, Kayaking is considered a type of active meditation in which a person is left to his strength, coordination of movements and thoughts, with the tendency to go forward and reach the goal. If we talk about the balance between activity and rest, KAYAK Caffe is here for the break you desperately need.


See you at your favorite meeting place, on the third floor of Ada Mall!


Every day 10: 00-22: 00h

Kayak is on the third floor

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