Ada Green Tuesday Art Fest

Ada Green Tuesday Art Fest is a catalyst for rebuilding the connection between our kids and the natural world. At Ada, we strive to connect key initiatives that promote children’s play in order to improve the well-being and development of children, promote creative play and motivate in a new way their connection with nature.

We act to strengthen, connect and develop the “green” consciousness that returns children to the world of imagination and creates a new reality from it.

Our ongoing Green Tuesday activities are diverse with the help of health, education, environment, urban planning, outdoor recreation, community, government, business, arts and many other sectors.

Socializing and activations through Green Tuesday at Ada Mall provide a unique meeting place for education and awareness building through concrete assistance to the local community through donations, exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge among our members and partners.

As part of Green Tuesday, we are also organizing an ART FESTIVAL and a special competition in which the elementary schools of Čukarica, Rakovica and Obrenovac are participating.

As art, socializing and creativity enrich our community, older students will show through artistic expression how they imagine the future on the topic “MY FUTURE CITY”. The goal is for the drawings of the participants to convey optimistic messages, overcoming differences in ethnicity, culture, language, and even generations.

Ada Mall has prepared appropriate gifts for the participants of the program, and the whole event, in addition to the main moment of socializing, has a factor of support for the educational system where the works of three schools, chosen by the jury as the most beautiful, receive a donation for the purchase of necessary equipment.

The list of discounts is waiting for you at the LINK.

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