Anastasija Đurić: Pinterest trends for 2022.

As a young mother and a successful businesswoman, our famous influencer Anastasia Đurić stands out with her special style, skillfully combining stylings for all occasions. Inspired by fashion trends from her Pinterest mood board, she chose clothing combinations that will perfectly cover the days of the week. In the spirit of the popular song from BLACK EYED PEAS – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … in front of us are changing total stylings with the signature of favorite brands RESERVED and H&M. What are your favorites?

Whether you like a relaxed tracksuit, lined with fleece or you are more of a high waist and tight jeans, preferring knitted fluttery and lighter pants, we suggest relaxed bottoms as a constant for spring 2022, mainly thanks to the unwanted appearance of Omicron.

Anastasia played with combinations that you can wear from morning to evening, enchanting spring with pastel, light colors.
From wide shirts to “ballooned” silhouettes and the continuing trend of puff sleeves, dresses and tops retain their volume in 2022. If nothing else, the latter will spice up all the soft pants models you’ll probably still prefer to wear.

From high heels to flat silhouettes, moccasins, shoes with belts to the ankles, boots, and even clogs are stylishly reinforced. So, go ahead and rest your micro-heels, because everything revolves around chunky platforms.

From Pantone’s soothing Vera Perry to more saturated tones with royal purple – provide your recognizable shade before other trendy girls!

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