Spring has arrived at Ada Mall!

As we approach the month of fashion, we look back at the trends that can already be seen in the windows of famous brands.

ada mall fashion blog

ada mall fashion blog

Cropped tops & cardigans

Editor’s note:

“For an extra cute look, combine your cropped tops and sweaters with a tracksuit or midi skirt.

Nothing defines modern fashion trends like a shortened cardigan. a trend inspired by vintage launched by high fashion brands, quickly copied Zara, Forever 21, and other fast fashion brands. Regardless, if putting together cute clothes seems too much for you at the moment, tight knitting with your favorite jeans is the perfect answer. Styles range from button-ups to embroidered, embellished, or printed knits, so there’s something for everyone.

You can wear pieces of knitwear with slip skirts and an eco-leather jackets, especially if you need another layer of protection.


Military boots

Editor’s note:

“Pair your semi-deep boots with a rough rubber sole with short dresses and a striking jacket, if you want a fashion, but sporty, relaxed look.”

Apparently, every designer and retailer from Balenciaga to Zara offers a model of such boots, which made a huge impact in the fall of 2020 and early 2021.

Characterized to be almost comical to wear just about anything, all with that robust sole, military-style boots are among the most sought-after fashion trends this year as well.

Boots look great with a short dress or a super-short skirt. the cap is also a hit this season, so wear it with everything you can think of.


Bomber jackets

Editor’s note:

“Pair it with leggings, a tracksuit, and bulky sneakers for a super-casual London look.”

Bomber jackets should always be relaxed on the hips – unless you have opted for a slightly shortened style.

The shades, in this case, are almost always striking, somehow strengthening the underwear for chic aesthetics effortlessly.


Cozy fashion

Editor’s note:

“There has never been a better time to wear sweatshirts in candy color, bomber jackets in the same color and denim to denim.

Cozy fashion brings everything back to pink and lilac chewing gum: metallic shades of jackets, tracksuit bottoms, small bags, short skirts and lots of juicy couture!

Somehow regarding the clothes for the “couch” (pastel tracksuits and sweatshirts), Cozy fashion is back and will continue in 2022.

Although with the idea that we can’t wait to “get out” of the quarantine and get well, our commitment to comfort has not wavered.

For example, tracksuits and hoodies achieve jeans-like status because almost anything can go with a pair of simple bottoms or tops.

The secret to creating this style is not to look cheeky or too formal.

Go for candy-colored tracksuits – the fastest and cheapest way to look (and feel) like a fashion icon.


Sweatshirts under a bomber jacket or blazer

Editor’s note:

“This look works wonders with oversized blazers and jackets, but you can also choose thinner sweatshirts that fit with tailored jackets, so there’s no way you can go wrong with this style.”

One of the most popular styles that “shakes” current fashion trends is always such a comfortable hooded sweatshirt – but this time it is worn with a slightly changed style, your jacket must be in trend!

Wearing a hooded blazer is no longer just another outfit of your favorite street style, but a mainstream look that transcends generations.

Wearing a hood under a blazer adds a stylish layer to your overall look.

We like a thinner hooded sweatshirt, preferably striking shades, without too many ties or graphics.

Pair it with a good jacket, tight dress or jeans.


Color clashing

Editor’s note:

“Pair pink with yellow, orange with blue, or green with black to create some of the most effective visual effects.”

Bring your classic pieces to life by mixing the colors of chewing gum with vivid green. Put on a royal blue suit and put on a pink belt, and wear pink loungewear!

Color clash is a great way to liven up your wardrobe and make a personal fashion statement this spring.

It is styled by pairing contrasting colors or those that we would not normally put together, in order to impose new accents and underline a new style.

The secret to this is to stick to simple shapes – think of classic jackets, suits, pencil skirts – and choose shades that are in direct contrast to the “color” map of basic colors.


Mighty Bohemian Florals

Editor’s note:

“Avoid pale classic roses and choose twisted, fantastic flowers like oil on canvas. Mix pink, red, purple with beige or black.

Almost synonymous with spring, flowers have long represented the renewal, beauty and feminine side of nature. The connection between floral motifs and natural femininity can be traced through the last hundred years of fashion. As the role of women in society changes (equality, empowerment), so does the general concept of female symbols such as flowers in clothing. 2020-2021 were the years of boho clothing styles. However, the current fashion style 2021-2022 can be described as “adding petals to sports elements and practicality”. This year, designers are no longer interested in vintage clothes and rose prints, but in more powerful stylized floral prints and the “woman who rules” aspect.


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