Accent your abs – Crop top

Every girl should have a short top. Why? Because these are small pieces that unmistakably portray us as someone who follow trends, and they are so comfortable.

Whether it’s a sexy top or a button-down blouse, “shortened” pieces are perfect for springtime.
We will show you how you can bare your tummy, but with style.


Jeans are always a good idea, as well as the classic, tried-and-tested combination that gets an instant dose of sex appeal when paired with a crop top. Stars like Gigi and Bella Hadid are known for wearing things like this, so you are not afraid to show your inner, hidden talent for modeling the next time you leave the house.

And this season, black is here to sharpen our senses. Oversized men’s jackets with a suitable “crop” top with ribbons are a winning combination. The strict look is interrupted by a treated pair of jeans with a high waist boy fit in a lighter color for spring. The very hint of a bare belly makes this look special. This is also the perfect scenario in which you can show off those tight abs.


In your 20s and 30s, basic crop crops may not talk as much about your creativity and emotions as those with prints and ruffles. Such details elevate your game with skirts with flowers or polka dots to a higher level. This season, yellow is in focus, so wear in larger quantities. It combines well with black, but always take care to complete the casual combination with a pair of white sneakers. You are ready for the city and nostalgic views!


If you feel a little shy about exposing your torso, consider wearing it with a pair of high-waisted pants or simple jeans with a pastel-colored men’s jacket. This time, the shortened top does not have to reveal the whole stoma, but only gives a hint of this urban style trend

When we talk about urban fashion, we can’t help but think of longer skirts that fit perfectly with “crop” tops. We have chosen for you the red color that is a hit this season as a combination of a romantic top with a carneur with a one-color longer skirt with a slit that reveals your tight legs. We are for a total “red” look, but you will definitely not make a mistake if you choose a top in white or cream color and so calm down the silhouette that is a “must” this spring.



Evenings in Belgrade are ideal for men’s black casual suits. Now, that would be boring if we didn’t choose a completely short “crop” top made of satin or sequins (maybe black), a lot of gold jewelry, and a pair of trendy slippers with interesting heels. Then this trend gets a very sexy note, and puts you in the IT girl class!

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