Forget-Me-Not. Class and ease above all

Timelessness, simplicity and grace – these three words best describe the French style that inspired the MOHITO designers. The Forget-Me-Not collection was captured on original frames straight from Paris.

Local cafes, beautiful alleys and city details create a wonderful background for clothes and accessories that are stylish but still perfect for everyday occasions. It turns out that comfortable cuts, slightly nonchalant outfits or even bright colors can be elegant in their own way.

The collection consists of elements typical for the Parisian look. Tweed, launched by fashion mastermind Coco Chanel, is the trademark of Forget-Me-Not. A stylish set in two colors: blue with navy blue check and classic black, jazzed up with golden accessories – chain and buttons – is a contemporary version of the iconic duo of a crop top and a pencil skirt.

To give it all some more casual touch, the collection includes denim pieces: tight-fitting dress, wide-leg jeans, a mini skirt. In turn, blue outfits seem particularly girly. A pleated dress with a monogram print or the one with frills may be a perfect option for a romantic stroll through the city streets.

Parisians love trendy accessories, so these couldn’t be missing in the collection. Wide-frame sunglasses, chunky-sole lords, a small handbag or a sachet made of tweed, black or beige boots – these are the go-for accessories for every French look lover!

Get inspired by the free-spirited atmosphere of Paris to express your joy of life. Create unforgettable and chic outfits with MOHITO!

Visit the MOHITO store on the ground floor of ADA MALL – Radnička 9.

Photo: Promo

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