RESERVED – A nostalgic look at fashion reality

On the one hand, nostalgia, and on the other – a solid foundation in modern reality. Returning to tradition, but without avoiding technological experiments. The Reserved Spring Collection combines two worlds, and contrasting phenomena are mixed in an enchanting aesthetic.

The essence of the Reserved spring collection is the intertwining of different styles, trends and even worlds. Reality meets virtual space, metallic textures with crocheted details.


Even the marble pattern characteristic of traditional Florentine paper has undergone a transformation and is now used on dresses and LED boards, which are the basis of the background of this unusual recording. Reserved designers have taken over the almost popular Y2K style (2000), characteristic of the transition to the new millennium. Then – shakes and quite naive. Today – modernized, without unnecessary elements, more serious, closer to high fashion.

Asymmetrical dresses with belts, short tops, and T-shirts that are tied above the waist are returning to the big door. Pants with wide legs, and knitted blouses that turn into tunics by extending over the hips. There is no shortage of denim uniforms – complete with short corset dresses – and shiny coats, pants, and jackets made of imitation leather. The collection promotes calm, a lot of breathing patterns, and meditation. The colors on the fabrics merge with those on knitted materials, as well as with the already mentioned marble which gives the effect of spilled, carelessly mixed color, in gradual transitions, more or less geometric, in irregular zigzags or round large dots.

Details are important: ruffles at the seams, laces, and tunnels regulated by a strap, thanks to which you can shorten or lengthen the dress or experiment with the shape of the coat.

The collection is accompanied by expressive accessories: pleated bags in red and navy blue, a cap with a visor and terry sandals, baguette bags typical of Y2K on a short chain, or heavy shoes that are a hybrid of moccasins and boots.

The texture of the material itself plays a big role: from crocheting, combining various joyful colors, through metallic, obtained with silver thread, or holographic in the form of foil covering the material of the yellow dress – the whole is multidimensional, diverse, but at the same time coherent and consistent. The materials are chosen to give the impression that they are digital. Suddenly, the unreal encounters the tangible, and it is up to the recipient to choose which option to choose.

Photos of the collection were taken by Mateusz Stankievicz. In the intriguing scenography prepared by Ania Vitko, LED lights from the screen additionally emphasize the unreal atmosphere of the projects. It is a play of light, color and pattern that raises the question of whether what we see is real or just a part of our imagination.


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